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Who Will Be the Ultimate Winner of The Blue Sky Lounge's March Madness Disney Attraction Bracket?


Who will come out on top to win The Blue Sky Lounge's Inaugural March Madness? Will it be Shanghai Disneyland's Soaring Over The Horizon in the #32 seed or our #3 seed Pirates of the Caribbean from Disneyland. Let's find out.

***I realize that all of my video's have said Soaring Over the World instead of Soaring Over the Horizon. I am sorry for the mistake. The two Soarin ride titles really got me confused.***

And there we have it! What a Cinderella story (you see what I did there? 😉) for Soaring Over The Horizon! Here is a final look at the bracket.

And incase you were wondering here is the bracket I chose. I was close but my winner got knocked out in the semi's.

Congrats again to Soaring Over The Horizon!

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