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Deck the Halls With These Easy DIY Disney Holiday Crafts for the Festive Season

A preview of what crafts will be discussed: A Mickey Ornament, Mickey Wreath, and Mickey Oreos

Step into the magical world of Disney this holiday season with enchanting do-it-yourself crafts that will sprinkle a touch of pixie dust throughout your home. In this festive blog post, we're diving into the realm of DIY Disney holiday crafts, featuring four delightful projects that will add a dash of Disney charm to your celebrations. From crafting your own homemade Mickey Ornaments to assembling a whimsical Mickey Ornament Wreath, to indulging in the joy of creating no-bake Oreo Mickey-shaped cookies (crafting makes us hungry 🤤), these crafts promise to make your holiday season merry and full of Disney magic. Let the creativity flow as we embark on a journey to infuse the spirit of the happiest place on earth into your festive decorations. Get ready to bring a sprinkle of Disney joy to your home with these imaginative and heartwarming holiday creations!

To start us off we are going to show how to make some Mickey shaped ornaments. We found this craft on (click here).

The supplies you will need are...

Mickey shaped Christmas ornament
  • plastic Christmas balls (1 large and 2 small - for the head and ears)

  • a sharp knife and cutting board

  • permanent marker

  • hot glue gun

  • bows (if making Minnie bows)

The steps are as follows...

  1. Using a sharp knife, begin by cutting the ornament hanging ends off each of the smaller "ear" balls.

  2. Use the permanent marker, mark out two small spots equal distance from the hanging loop at the top of the large "head" ball. Most balls will have a seam around the ball to provide an easy way to make sure the locations are in line with one another.

  3. Run a bead of hot glue around where you trimmed off the pieces on the "ears". Stick them onto the "head" where you makrd out the spots with the marker and hold until the glue has adhered.

  4. If making a Minnie ornament, hot glue a small bow between the ears.

  5. Hang and enjoy!

Next what house is complete without a holiday wreath? And what holiday wreath is complete if it isn't themed to Disney? This next craft will have you making a festive ornament baubble Mickey wreath. Though the following website is for just a regular wreath you can do this process 3 times and make a Mickey head. The Homes I Have Made website has a great step by step process for that. For more information (click here).

A Mickey shaped ornament wreath

The supplies you will need are...

  • 1 large and 2 smaller wire wreath forms (available a craft stores like Michaels)

  • floral wire

  • wire cutters

  • shatterproof ornaments in a variety of colours

  • garland

  • hot glue gun (if needed)

The steps are as follows...

  1. Attatch the 2 smaller wreath forms to the larger one using the floral wire to attach them in multiple locations.

  2. Take a group of 3 ornaments and sting them together with an 8-10 inch piece of floral wire. Twist them together fairly tightly. If the ornaments pop off the hanging loop use your hot glue gun to adhear them back together.

  3. Secure the cluster to the wreath form and wrap the wires around the back and twist them together tightly. Next use the wire cutters to cut the excess wire off.

  4. Repeat the process of steps 2 and 3 all the way around the wreath covering the ears and head.

  5. Fill in the gaps between the clusters with a single ornament. Just like in step 2 take a piece of wire and instead of putting it through 3 ornaments this time just put it through one. Then take that single ornament and secure it to the wreath from like in step 4.

  6. Finally we need to add the garland. Simply thread it through, under, around, and over the ornaments…wherever there are gaps or wire frame showing. Just make sure to tuck the ends of the garland through to the back and glue them to the wire frame.

  7. Show off your amazing DIY Mickey wreath to the world by hanging it on your door for all to enjoy!

Lastly who doesn't get hungry doing crafts? Well these cookies will be perfect for you after your intense crafting sessions. Plus these cookies will be a hit at any holiday party you go to or for the jolly guy wearing red on Christmas Eve. This yummy cookie craft comes courtesy of Living Locurto. For more information (click here)

The supplies you will need are...

  • 1 bag of double stuffed Oreos (the best kind of course 😋)

  • 1 bag of mini Oreos

  • white frosting

  • green frosting

  • red candy metls

  • sprinkels

Mickey shaped Oreo cookies

The steps are as follows...

  1. Take one double stuffed Oreo and one mini Oreo. Take the mini Oreo apart and eat the middle icing if you wish (who wouldn't?!?!?! 😉). With the two mini cookie pieces insert them into the top of the double stuffed Oreo making a Mickey head.

  2. Repeat as many times as needed.

  3. Melt the red candy melts.

  4. Using the white frosting, green frosting and the melted red candy create multiple different "outfits" for the cookies using sprinkles to add to the decorations.

As we wrap up this magical DIY Disney holiday crafting journey, we hope these enchanting projects have brought a touch of Disney wonder to your festive season. Whether you've adorned your tree with homemade Mickey Ornaments, welcomed guests with a whimsical Mickey Ornament Wreath, or treated your taste buds to the delightful flavors of no-bake Oreo Mickey-shaped cookies, each creation carries a piece of the joy and warmth that Disney magic brings. Embracing the spirit of creativity and imagination, these crafts not only decorate your space but also create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. We would love to see how you've brought these Disney-inspired creations to life in your own homes! Feel free to share photos or describe your experiences in the comments below – let's make this a community celebration of holiday magic and DIY creativity! Just remember to Think, Believe, Dream, and Dare to use your imagination. Who knows what kind of imagineering you could do from your armchair! ✨🎢🏰


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