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Unpacking Our Hiatus: Behind the Scenes of Our First Podcast in 2 Years

As Mufasa once said... "It is time.."

It is time for The Blue Sky Lounge to come back from hiatus. In the world of podcasting, consistency is key. Yet, sometimes life throws unexpected challenges our way, forcing us to hit pause on our creative endeavors. For the past two years, The Blue Sky Lounge Podcast has been on an unexpected hiatus—a silence that may have left some listeners wondering about its absence. Today, I want to share the journey behind this hiatus, shedding light on the personal challenges that led to our temporary break from the airwaves.

Family on Goofy's Barn Stormer

Two years ago, as I was fully immersed in the production of The Blue Sky Lounge Podcast, life took an unexpected turn. Balancing the demands of podcasting with the responsibilities of parenthood and family became increasingly challenging. My children needed me more than ever, and as a parent, my priority was to be there for them during a pivotal time in their lives. Same goes for my loving wife. She has been our foundation for most of our relationship, but she was going through things that she needed more support from me.

Moreover, I found myself confronted with my own health struggles—both mental and physical. The relentless pace of podcast production, coupled with the everyday stresses of life and work, took a toll on my well-being. I realized that I needed to prioritize self-care and take a step back to focus on my mental and physical health. Then, a workplace accident further disrupted my life, leaving me unable to work for six months. The accident served as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and underscored the importance of prioritizing my health and family above all else.

During this hiatus, I took the time to recharge, reflect, and recalibrate. I immersed myself in activities that brought me joy and fulfillment, spending quality time with my loved ones and exploring avenues for personal growth. As the months passed, I found myself slowly regaining my strength, both physically and mentally. With the unwavering support of my family and friends, I emerged from this challenging period with a newfound sense of resilience and determination.

Now, as I started the free fall of relaunching The Blue Sky Lounge Podcast, I do so with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. The past two years have been a journey of self-discovery and growth—a journey that has ultimately reaffirmed my commitment to creating content that inspires, entertains, and uplifts.

To our loyal listeners, I extend my deepest gratitude for your patience and understanding during this hiatus. Your unwavering support has meant the world to me, and I am eager to reconnect with you as we embark on the next chapter of The Blue Sky Lounge Podcast together.

In closing, I want to emphasize the importance of prioritizing self-care and embracing the ebb and flow of life's journey. Sometimes, the greatest gift we can give ourselves is the permission to pause, reflect, and heal. And from this place of healing and renewal, we can emerge stronger, more resilient, and ready to chase our dreams once more.

Thank you for being part of this journey. The best is yet to come.

Warm regards,


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