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Poison Apple Sweet and Salty Soft Pretzel

Thank you for watching/listening to our treats episode of The Blue Sky Lounge Podcast! It's episode 7 if you haven't seen it!

We asked you, our fans what halloween treats we should make. Edward sent in a suggestion to try a Mickey Soft Pretzel... with a twist!

So after much debate, we decided on a 'poison' apple soft pretzel!

We made an apple soft pretzel following the recipe below, and omitting the caramel drizzle.

After they were fully cooled, (and after we had eaten a few... oops!) we melted red chocolate candy melts and spread them on to the bottom two thirds of the pretzel apple. We then sprinkled red coloured sugar crystals as it dried.

On the top, we melted white chocolate candy melts and drizzled it on in our best attempt at making Snow White's poisoned apple! Nailed it!! Then we sprinkled a little cracked sea salt on top of the white layer.

We then added a tiny bit of melted semisweet chocolate chips to make the stalk.

These were so delicious! They didn't last long though (can a treat be too delicious?)... so we'll be making another batch before Halloween!

Have you tried the recipe? Send us a picture!

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