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Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Thank you for watching/listening to our Disney Drinks episode of The Blue Sky Lounge Podcast! It's episode 17 if you haven't seen it!

We spent a long time thinking up 7 non-alcoholic 'mocktails' for you to try at home and enjoy!

In no particular order:

Pixie Dust -

This is my wife’s favourite! It’s quick, but magical! You pour out sprite into a glass, then add just a pinch of edible pearl dust or glitter, (we got ours from Amazon here mix it in with a spoon and watch the pixie dust spin!

Light Side, Dark Side -

Really simply, we made a basic coffee which we cooled off with ice cubes. We then poured equal amounts of coffee and milk (or coffee creamer) into a glass! I like to add chocolate syrup and a teaspoon of sugar into my coffee before I cool it to make a mocha. And if you’re feeling a little extra... you can add a globe ice cube before you pour in the coffee mix... “that’s no moon...”

Mike Wazowski -

This recipe calls for a ginger simple syrup which we made by adding equal parts water and sugar to a saucepan and mixed in 3 chunks of ginger. While we let it reduce, we blended up half a honeydew melon. When everything was prepped and ready, we muddled a small handful of mint and poured in 8 teaspoons of the ginger syrup. We added the juice of half a lime and the honeydew purée, then mixed everything together. Be sure to add a googly eye to the front of the glass!

Sulley -

Take a bowl of crushed ice and mix in one or two drops of blue food colouring. Do the same to a smaller bowl of ice, but mix in purple food colouring. Place back in the freezer for 5 minutes. Pour half a glass of sprite and slowly add in a handful of the blue ice. Sprinkle in some of the purple ice, and then add more blue. You should have a marble effect, of blue ice with stripes of purple, just like sulley’s fur.

Black Widow -

We modified a Shirley Temple to make this feisty marvel superstar. Simply add coke or Diet Coke to a glass of ice, and pour in Grenadine to taste. We added a red glow cube to add to the effect! (You can get them here -

Safari Sunrise -

I used to drive the trucks at Kilimanjaro Safaris, and we got up EARLY to get the show rolling! My absolute favourite thing was to experience a Florida sunrise over the Savanna. This drink is made of equal parts pineapple juice, orange juice and cranberry juice. Then pour a splash of grenadine to taste over the back of a spoon.

Ralph Wrecked My Milkshake -

Take 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream and blend with a splash of milk and chocolate sauce. When it is liquid, add 2 tablespoons of red velvet cake mix and a few drops of red food colouring. Top with whipped cream and crushed Oreos.

Have you tried these recipes? We'd love to hear from you! Email us your pictures to

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