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Homeschooling with Disney

Because of the pandemic, my wife and I decided to homeschool Arthur and Callie for three days a week. They're only in Kindergarten and preschool, so we were pretty confident we could get the job done! And Arthur still goes to his special needs school two days a week, so he can have contact with his team of specialists.

My mother in law is a retired Child Minder and very kindly sends us ideas of what to do with the kids. We LOVE fall in this family, and when the link below popped up in my text messages, I knew we HAD to do it! But with a Disney Twist!

We do a half hour of reading time every day, and last week we read Winnie the Pooh and The Blustery Day. You can watch the story here if you don't have it -

So we combined these ideas with a crispy crunchy walk through the fall leaves... and obligatory throwing of said leaves! We picked up our favourites and bought them home. Out in the garden, we took pictures of the kids pretending to be blown around like Pooh and friends, and printed them out along with a screenshot of Piglet and Pooh.

The kids attempted to cut around the pictures of themselves (and we finished it off!!) and stuck them down onto the screenshot. Then we stuck our collected leaves on to the screenshot as well.

Ta-dah! Arthur and Callie and the blustery day!

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