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Disney NuiMOs Shirt Pattern and Instructions

We love the newest Disney friends here at The Blue Sky Lounge, if you don't already know, NuiMOs are "the best companions for all of your life's adventures. Their name is a blend of the Japanese word nuigurumi, meaning plush doll and the word Model. Change their look to suit your unique personality and taste. And with the wide variety of dolls and clothing, the possibilities are endless."

In keeping with The Blue Sky Lounge's theme, we've imagineered our very own pattern, so you can create clothes for your NuiMO at home. Heres how to make a collared shirt:

Print out our free pattern here - it should print in US Letter size. Be sure to measure the ruler on the page to ensure the pattern is the right size.

Download PDF • 7.65MB


Cut out all your pieces, paying attention to the direction of your fabric.

Cut a piece of velcro 1.5 inches long. I have 3/4 inch wide tape here, so I cut it in half lengthways as well .

This next part seems complicated, but try to match your project with the picture below...

With the right side of the fabric facing up, fold the straight edge of the "left front" piece backwards by 1/4 inch. The fold should be on the right hand side of the piece. Pin the soft loop part of your velcro to the folded edge, making sure there is equal amounts of fabric at the top and bottom edges.

With the wrong side of the fabric facing up, fold the straight edge of the "right front" piece forwards (towards you) by 1/4 inch. The fold should be on the right hand side of the piece. Pin the hook/spiky part of your velcro to the folded edge, making sure again that there is equal amounts of fabric showing at the top and bottom edges.

When you flip the "right front" piece over so the right side of your fabric is facing up, it should look like this. The folds are both facing the inside of the piece, the soft velcro is facing out, and the hook velcro is facing inwards.

Sew around the velcro on both pieces.

Take your back piece and lay it down with the right side of your fabric facing up. Place the front pieces on top wrong side facing up, matching the shoulders and sides together. Your right sides of fabric should be facing together.

Pin the shoulders, and hand sew with a 1/4 inch seam. (You can try to machine sew this part... but I find the pieces so small and delicate, it just gets caught up in the sewing machine.)

Flip your pieces so that the right sides of your fabric are facing up. Your new shoulder seams should be facing downwards. Place your sleeve pieces beside the arm holes with the wrong side of your fabric facing up. The shorter side of the curve on the sleeve piece lines up with the front sides of the shirt.

This is my least favourite part!!

It is very fiddly, and requires lots of patience, so be kind to yourself!

With right sides of the body and sleeve facing each other, pin the middle (where the line is on the pattern) of the curved part of your sleeve to the seam of the shoulder on the body.

Maneuver the sleeve so the straight lines match up on the side, then pin in place. I like to do half of the sleeve at a time because the fabric will twist somewhat when you're lining them up, and it's easier to handle one little bit at a time. Hand sew the body and the sleeve together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. (Again, you could machine sew this part, but this is a very small piece of material and it easily gets caught up in the machine.)

Continue sewing the rest of this sleeve by matching up the other straight edges, pinning and sewing.

Repeat this process on the other sleeve.

With wrong sides facing up... your shirt should look like this.

With the right side facing up, it should look like this...

Take a break! You deserve it!!

Set your body piece aside and lay out your collar with wrong side facing up, with the wider part angled towards you.

Fold the collar in half lengthways, so the narrow part folds towards you, and wrong sides of your fabric face together. Finger press the whole length.

Unfold, and pin with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, the sides and bottom of the collar. Again this is fiddly, so take your time.

Carefully machine sew along the sides and bottom edge of your collar.

Lay out your body piece with the inside (wrong side of your fabric) facing up. Lay your collar piece underneath it with the wrong side facing up. Carefully fold the middle of the unfinished edge of your collar up and over (your previous finger press should help you). Your body piece is now sandwiched between the layers of the collar. Pin in place.

Pin all the way around the collar sandwiching the neckline of the body in between the folded part of the collar. When you get to the ends, the collar should stop a little short of the edge of the body. Fold down the uncovered part of the body to make a finished seam and pin.

This is what the outside should look like.

Hand sew over the machine stitches making sure you're going through the outside of the collar, the body, and the inside of the collar. Be sure to sew down the front seams above the velcro.

When your shirt is inside out, it should look like this. We're in the end game now!

Fold the ends of the sleeves over by 1/4 inch and machine sew. (Follow the black lines.)

Fold your shirt so that the insides (wrong sides of the fabric) are facing out. The back and front of the body should be facing right sides together.

Pin the sides together and the two sides of the folded sleeve. Sew (machine or hand) along the black line as shown below. Repeat on the other side.

Open up the velcro and fold the bottom of the body towards the inside by 1/4 inch. Pin and machine sew.

Turn it right side out, and stick the velcro together and...

You're finished!! Congratulations!

Be sure to share your projects with us! We can't wait to see them.

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