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Disney Animator Doll Collared Shirt

Animator Dolls are sketched by Disney animators, to find out more:

Heres how to make a collared shirt for your Animator Doll:

Print out our free pattern here - it should print in US Letter size. Please note, there are two pages. Be sure to measure the ruler on the page to ensure the pattern is the right size.

(The following pictures are from a NuIMOs shirt for reference, so they may be slightly different, but the idea is the same.)

Download PDF • 22.59MB

Download PDF • 72.61MB


Cut out all your pieces, paying attention to the direction of your fabric.

Take your front pieces and fold over a quarter inch from the neckline to the hem on the backside of the fabric and sew in place.

Take your back piece and lay it down with the right side of your fabric facing up. Place the front pieces on top wrong side facing up, matching the shoulders and sides together. Your right sides of fabric should be facing together.

Pin the shoulders, and sew across with a 1/4 inch seam. (The following pictures are from a NuIMOs shirt for reference, so they may be slightly different, but the idea is the same. NB you didn't miss the velcro stage, I prefer buttons/snaps on the animator shirt - these come at the end)

Flip your pieces and unfold so that the right sides of your fabric are facing up. Your new shoulder seams should be facing downwards.

With right sides of the body and sleeve facing each other, pin the middle of the curved part of your sleeve to the seam of the shoulder on the body.

Maneuver the sleeve so the straight lines match up on the side, then pin in place. I like to do half of the sleeve at a time because the fabric will twist somewhat when you're lining them up, and it's easier to handle one little bit at a time. Sew the body and the sleeve together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Continue sewing the rest of this sleeve by matching up the other straight edges, pinning and sewing.

Repeat this process on the other sleeve.

With wrong sides facing up... your shirt should look like this.

With the right side facing up, it should look like this...

Set your body piece aside and lay out your collar with wrong side facing up, with the wider part angled towards you.

Fold the collar in half lengthways, so the narrow part folds towards you, and wrong sides of your fabric face together. Finger press the whole length.

Unfold, and pin with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, the sides and bottom of the collar.

Carefully machine sew along the sides and bottom edge of your collar.

Lay out your body piece with the inside (wrong side of your fabric) facing up. Lay your collar piece underneath it with the wrong side facing up. Carefully fold the middle of the unfinished edge of your collar up and over (your previous finger press should help you). Your body piece is now sandwiched between the layers of the collar. Pin in place.

Pin all the way around the collar sandwiching the neckline of the body in between the folded part of the collar. When you get to the ends, the collar should stop a little short of the edge of the body. Fold down the uncovered part of the body to make a finished seam and pin.

This is what the outside should look like.

Hand sew over the machine stitches making sure you're going through the outside of the collar, the body, and the inside of the collar.

When your shirt is inside out, it should look like this. We're in the end game now!

Fold the ends of the sleeves over by 1/4 inch and machine sew. (Follow the black lines.)

Fold your shirt so that the insides (wrong sides of the fabric) are facing out. The back and front of the body should be facing right sides together.

Pin the sides together and the two sides of the folded sleeve. Sew along the black line as shown below. Repeat on the other side.

Open up the velcro and fold the bottom of the body towards the inside by 1/4 inch. Pin and machine sew.

Turn it right side out, and it should look something like this!

Hand sew three or four snaps to the front seams so the shirt closes. Sew small buttons over the top of the snaps on the outside to cover the stitches and finish the look!

You're finished!! Congratulations!

Be sure to share your projects with us! We can't wait to see them.

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