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At home Imagineering!

Thank you for visiting our new website!

As a family, we're very passionate about Disney! It's where we met, where we worked, what we named our children! So naturally, our house has been... 'Disneyfied'

We thought that as a thank you for supporting us and our show, we would share some of our home improvements so you can have a little magic at home too. Because everyone needs a little pixie dust.

°o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o° °o°

First up was a result of having WAY too many magic bands!

We used our wedding gift money to buy the downpayment for Disney Vacation Club (DVC) in 2013. Since then, we have been on 4 trips to the magic, driving from Calgary in Canada to Orlando... how does 5 days of driving sound to you?! We always work in a few days on to the end of the trip to 'relax' at home before getting back to work/school. Which naturally meant that every. single. trip. we would wake up on the last day in Disney World and look at each other... then call DVC to see what rooms they had available for 3 more nights!! Sometimes we could stay in our resort, sometimes we moved to a different hotel, and sometimes we resort hopped for 3 nights. Totally worth it to postpone leaving as long as possible!

When this happens, the hotel sees it as a new reservation (even though we've been there for 2 weeks) and issues a new magic band. So add in the limited edition bands that we HAD to buy, and you get yourself a box full of magic bands taking up space!

We had seen some really great Christmas Tree decorations made from magic bands, but really wanted a permanent memory (plus our Christmas tree is SO full of ornaments, we had to buy a second tree!)

This space above the fireplace always looked bare. Having spent months staring at it while on COVID lockdown, we covered up the bland beige tile with brick contact paper (thanks amazon), and strung the magic bands together to make a magic chain. It adds a really great pop of colour on the neutral background, plus reminds us daily of our wonderful trips!

What do you think? Could you see this in your home?

The peel and stick brick wallpaper:


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