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Affordable Disney 'Stained' Glass

Our at home imagineering today is a multi use project.

We originally came up with the idea because my wife likes to wake up to the sun beaming through the windows, but our bedroom windows back on to a park. Curtains were out, but so was the idea of innocent people walking their dogs seeing WAY more than they bargained for!

Stained glass has a beautiful look and really changes how a room feels, and on a trip to Disneyland Paris we had a Eureka moment! Sleeping Beauty's castle there has a stunning story walk through, featuring stained glass windows. Our eureka moment quickly dissipated when we looked up how much the real deal cost!

Cue the Mod Podge! We raided our stash of gift wrap tissue paper, and debated long and hard on the images we were going to have on the windows. Then we used a dry erase marker to sketch out the Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle, and the UP house directly on to the window. We then painstakingly painted Mod Podge onto every section of the glass and tore up tissue paper to stick on, and then painted a safety layer of Mod Podge on top. This took several days of work to do two full length windows! But it was totally worth it in the end!

The great thing is that if we ever want to change it, we can peel it off with a razor blade! No muss, no fuss!

The other project we did with this technique was making a 'frosted' glass window on a cupboard that holds the kid's painting supplies! My wife doesn't like clutter, and everything needs to have its place. So having a clear glass door on a messy cupboard bugged her no end!

We found a sheet of Disney character tissue paper and set to work Mod Podging the inside of the glass door. We laid out the tissue, pushed any air bubbles out the sides, and put on the safety layer of Mod Podge on top to secure it good! After it had dried, we ran an x-acto knife down the edges of the glass and peeled off the excess tissue paper. Happy Disney wife, happy life!!

We think it looks great! Which project is your favourite? Could you see this in your home?

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